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Come along with me, as you learn about this bracelets humble beginnings, a true ugly duckling type of story!

As you know, I love to upcycle jewelry!  Upcycling means taking old, unique, and interesting vintage jewelry and then deconstructing and re-imagining the parts into something new.   Many processes of jewelry making are no longer utilized, and some of the older jewelry can be really hard to duplicate!  And, a lot of labor goes into the value of jewelry, so if it can be saved, it should be!

This bracelet, named "robin" after the robin's egg blue turquoise featured in the 5 14k gold stations, was originally a very large, very heavy, and ... how do we put this nicely...  not so pretty bracelet.  I took all the links apart, and sold the gold to my refiner (ensuring the flow of 100% recycled precious metals back to me) but I couldn't part with the little turquoise links.  I didn't really have a plan for them, I just couldn't part with them. 

Finally, some 2 years later, I brought them out of the box, and starting playing with the upcycled chain pieces I had in stock.  I loved the look of the 18k rolo link chain, and the double strand gives the bracelet a baroque and romantic feel, something Brontë would have loved no doubt!

5 hours, careful polishing, measuring, and 28 solders later.. the finished bracelet is swoon worthy!  Measuring 7.5" long (can be shortened if desired) this bracelet will look great on anyone's wrist! 

The bracelet is a fun mix of 14k and 18k gold, and has years more wear ahead, thanks to the careful and meticulous upgrade!

Stay tuned, earrings coming soon!  I saved out 2 links and will be posting those soon!


Make sure you check out the "before photos" as well! 

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