Experience Montana Sapphire Mining Parties!

Are you looking for an unusual experience here in Seattle?  Tired
of the same old happy hours, movie dates, adult birthday parties, or
team building "icebreaker" sessions?  Here's a chance to do something
original and fun! 

Mining for Montana Sapphires!  Yep!  In Seattle! 

I've procured boxes of sapphire laden "dirt" from Gem Mountain in
Montana, Montana's oldest sapphire mine, and together you'll learn to
clean, sort, and hunt for your very own sapphire crystals!  I've got a
great method of searching for these little beautiful natural treasures
while in the comfort of an indoor spot filled with neon, art, and

  • While primarily designed for adults, children are also welcome to participate in this experience alongside their parent or guardian. The activity is suitable for groups of 2-10 people, and the duration typically ranges from 2 to 3 hours. Smaller groups or 'date night' sessions usually last for around 2 hours, while larger groups may extend the experience for a longer period of time.

  • Gravel is $5/cup and 100% of that money goes to The GSBA's Scholarship Fund.  For more about this wonderful organization giving LGBTQ+ scholars access to higher education check them out here!

    Most folks do about 2-4 cups of gravel during the experience, with a 1 cup minimum, and no maximum!

    Parties are BYOB and Refreshments.

    However you can always opt for the "date night" all inclusive experience below.

  • When the party is over, the fun continues! If you happen to discover a sapphire weighing more than 1/2 carat in its raw form (which is quite likely with 2-4 cups of gravel), I can arrange for them to be professionally evaluated and faceted by a highly skilled local gem cutter. Additionally, we can even incorporate them into exquisite jewelry pieces! This is a delightful way to commemorate your experience.

Miracle's Testimonial

Would you like to know more before you book? Simply Call or Text 206-914-4052 or email me below.

Easy Access from Highway 99, West Seattle bridge, 1-5 Spokane Exit, 1st Ave, busses and light rail! Secure and Ample Free Parking!