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This beautiful Icy blue sapphire is the perfect addition to any collection. It has a modified fancy cut shield shape and comes from the Nivithigala area, Rathnapura district of Sri Lanka. The iceberg blue color and interesting facets make it truly unique. Add a sparkle to any look with this exquisite gem.

This natural blue sapphire, with no heat treatment, is 1.14 carats, and measures 8.15mm long, 5mm wide, and 3.40mm deep.

Perhaps you love the look of aquamarine but you are searching for a gem to wear everyday, or you just love the unusual pale icy blue, this gem is sure to invite oohs and ahs!  Get lost in the sparkle!

This gem comes with a certification from the CSL laboratory, and is certified natural Unheated.  A "mine to market" sapphire where the origins of this sapphire can be traced from rough to finished, with ethical sourcing and pay scale along the gems journey to you!

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