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Caribbean Blue

Caribbean Blue

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Probably my favorite gem in the studio right now (although that is like choosing a favorite child!!), this stunning pear shaped Blue Zircon is a wonder! 

Blue Zircon (the true birthstone for December) is a natural gemstone... Not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia which is based on the chemical structure of naturally occurring Zircon.  The neat thing about Blue Zircon (aside from the amazing color) is that it has a high refractive index like diamond... so it splits the light into the spectrum of colors, giving the appearance of a prism.   Hard to capture on camera, the play of color and light in this gem is nothing short of mesmerizing!  Add to that the Caribbean blue color makes you want to dive right in!

This lovely Blue Zircon weighs 9.23 carats, and measures 13.22 x 9.43mm.  This would be exceptional as a pendant, and if carefully worn (Zircon is a softer gem) as a ring.

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