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Aegis your style in an eye-catching way with this one-of-a-kind shield-shaped portrait cut yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka! Let its large shape and looking glass center protect you from the boring everyday and spark your creativity! 

This "Mine to Market" sapphire traces it's roots from the Nivithigala area, Ratnapura district of Sri Lanka where my vendor sources the rough directly and oversees the cutting to ensure quality and provenance. 

Aegis is 2.21 carats, natural sapphire with no heat treatment, and measures 12.40mm (length) x 8mm (width) x 2.9mm (depth).   This gem is a portrait cut, which means the back is flat and intended to be able to see through the gem to the back with a frame of high polished facets.  It will make a stunning ring or necklace!

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