A sparkly diamond ring sits on top of a mirrored surface.

How to keep your jewelry sparkly and clean at home! No special tools required! (plus you get to eat ice cream!)


In this “how to” video, I address the number one question I get when I hand my client their repaired or new piece of jewelry: “how do I keep/get  this so sparkly and clean?!?”.

It’s easy!  You need:

A plastic jar with tight fitting lid (I like Talenti gelato jars… for obvious reasons lol)

An old toothbrush


Ammonia (sudsing, plain, lemon), simple green or Dawn dishwashing soap.

Simply mix 1 cup (approx) water, 1/4 cup cleaner, and gently place your jewelry in this solution overnight once a week. It’s seriously that easy!

In the morning, take your jewelry items out, gently but thoroughly scrub them with the soft toothbrush, and rinse clean!

This is perfect for: gold or platinum jewelry containing; diamonds, sapphires, rubies, garnet, tourmaline, quartz (amethyst, prasiolite, citrine, ametrine) , moissanite, lab created gems, glass, moonstone, labradorite, zircon, sphene, sunstone, and tanzanite.

DO NOT USE this overnight soaking method for:

Emeralds (emeralds are typically oiled and you don’t want to soak out the oil. For emeralds, once a week dip in sudsy water and scrub gently with a toothbrush, rinse and pat dry).

Pearls (pearls are typically epoxied in place so you don’t want to break down the epoxy by soaking. Follow the instructions for emeralds.

Pearl strands (follow emerald instructions, lay flat to dry, never hanging as that can stretch out the silk.

Sterling silver (soaking can cause the silver to turn grey. Dip, scrub and pat dry).

Additional list where care is needed, no overnight soaking:

Cameos, Dyed agate, Coral (often dyed), Opals (see below about Ethiopian opals), assembled gems such as intarsia, inlay, or opal doublets or triplets), Amber, Peridot, and turquoise.

Vintage jewelry or jewelry with marcasites should be handled carefully and cleaned by a professional.

Ethiopian opals should not get wet, keep them out of any water or cleaning solutions as they are anhydrous and will absorb water making them cloudy.

Have questions about a gemstone, or specific type of jewelry? Ask me!  I'd be happy to help!



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