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Hand fabricated pendant in 14k yellow gold, featuring a 19.34 carat Dendritic quartz, Montana sapphire, and diamond.
Dendrites inclusions in the quartz are manganese and iron oxides which form in a leaf or plant like pattern as the quartz “host stone” was forming. This piece has a lovely layer of inclusions as well as a subtle white etched lattice effect that gives the feeling of pressed flowers on paper. I fell in love with this gem, purchased from Max Davis, a 93 year old lapidary artists from California with the largest wealth of 'inclusions-in-gemstone' knowledge of anyone I’ve ever met. I knew I had been saving that orange Montana sapphire for something!!!

Dendritic Quartz 19.34 ct Double sided Cut Stone 43.20 x 8.40 x 4.90 mm.

Montana orange sapphire- natural- no heat 4.5x4.5mm

Diamond 2mm .03 carat SI-1 G/H


Overall length of this necklace is just under 2", and the chain is a 14k gold 18" diamond cut square wheat chain.  The chain can be separated from the piece and can be sold separately if requested, or changed to a different length.

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