All projects are welcome

My design process can change depending on my clients’ goals. For instance, if you have an heirloom gem or other component you’d like to use in a new piece of jewelry for someone special (and hooray if that someone is you!), we can incorporate it into your new design. Or, I can help you design and create jewelry entirely from scratch.

I have built relationships with gemstone vendors across the globe over the past 28 years of creating custom jewelry. I can source any gemstone out there. And my ability to borrow in a curated selection that you may
choose from gives me a nearly endless inventory. I only source gemstones and diamonds that are ethical and conflict-free.

Creating the wax model

After sketching out my understanding and selecting the gemstones we'll use, you either approve or provide clarifying feedback on the drawings before we move on to the next step: creating a wax mold (replica) of your piece. Once again, I invite you to evaluate this replica and provide guidance on the look and feel of your final product and guide you through to the next iterations.

Using old world carving tools alongside state of the art milling machines and 3-D printers, I'm able to create any design we can dream up!

I create as many wax models as it takes to get the design perfect (all included in the process), which allows for serendipity, play, and ultimately the vision to take form.

You get to hold the torch!

Once you approve the wax model, we can start on the really fun part —casting your vision in precious metals! At this point, you’re welcome to come in — bringing friends and family if you like — and hold the torch while we cast your jewelry! It is a delight for me to share this exciting stage of centrifugal casting and fire with my clients, and everyone gets a kick out of holding the big torch!

If you are unable to come in, I can Facetime or Zoom your casting party so you can see your piece of jewelry revealed before your eyes.

The finishing touches

Once cast, the project is back in my capable hands, to polish and set your gemstones, as well as add texture or engraving.

Creating custom jewelry can seem like a daunting prospect, but my unique process, honed over many years, is special because I work with you during every stage of the process — from the sketches, gem selection, wax models, and casting, to the final finished piece that’s ready for the “ooh’s” and “ah’s!”

True Custom Design starts here.

It is my goal every day to give people wishing to create unique, custom-made, ethically sourced jewelry a truly personal, inclusive, and immersive experience.

I've created over 3,000 unique custom design pieces of jewelry and all are as unique as my clients.

While I never know exactly what I'm going to create when we first meet, through my process together we will make your jewelry dreams a reality.

I can't wait to see what we create together!!!

Ready to explore what is possible? I'd love to hear what you have in mind!