Jewelry Transformations- Giving Old Jewelry New Life!

Jewelry Transformations- Giving Old Jewelry New Life!

Who doesn't love an amazing glo-up?  Before and after photos are so inspiring, and all of these photos are pieces that were transformed from old, broken, or unwearable jewelry into new fresh designs! I also specialize in transforming jewelry to better match your gender identity, whether it is a simple sizing or a full remodel of gems and jewelry you already have.   Together we can liberate unworn jewelry from a life spent in the jewelry box!

One of the services that I love to offer is helping folks sort through their jewelry  whether they've just inherited an estate and need help figuring out what's what, or whether they have old pieces in their jewelry box that they would like to make something new with!

Sometimes it's remounting the diamond or gems, sometimes it is reworking the gold or platinum, or sometimes we can combine pieces together to make jewelry that is altogether new.. the possibilities are endless!

Curious about transforming your old jewelry?  Interested in having some help sorting through an estate to figure out what is valuable and what isn't?  Contact me for a private consultation where I go through all items and list each one and help determine what you have and what to do with it.

And of course, a picture tells a thousand words, so here are some more fun "before" and "afters".


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